Estate Management

We offer complete landscape management care for your entire property including individual services like spring/fall clean-ups, lawn care, selective pruning, seasonal color displays, and weekly maintenance services.

Weekly Services

Weekly Services include a general inspection of the property, including over/under watering, plant conditions, and weed issues.  Weekly mowing, trimming, and weed control for both landscaping beds as well as patios and hardscape surfaces.

Turf Management

Proper turf management includes many aspects.  Including monitoring irrigation systems for proper watering, proper mowing heights, insect, and disease issues as well as the right nutrients and soil conditions.  Our turf management programs and treatments encompass all aspects of the turf.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring and Fall clean ups include, cleaning out landscaping beds, correctively pruning plant material as needed, removing, and splitting perennials, edging landscaping beds, installing pre-emergent herbicide for weed control, and installation of a new layer of premium hardwood mulch. 

Irrigation Management

Monitoring and regular inspections are vital parts of maintaining a proper irrigation system.  We will regularly monitor your system for proper coverage, and duration, and seasonally adjust as needed.  We can also help bring your current system up to date with the latest technology, which will help with better water usage and help maximize your investment.